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Helpful Information for Current Residents

  • Lease Transfer: Graduating or going on rotation and need to break your current agreement? Save move and transfer your agreement to another WesternU Student. Go to www.thedaumier/misc-forms for more info.

    • Last day to participate in a Lease Transfer is 5pm May 15, 2020.

Helpful Information for Prospective Residents


Housing Payment Extension Form

Please complete this form if you are awaiting financial aid, loans, scholarships, etc

*This form must be completed before the 1st of the month in order to be approved. 

AUGUST Installment payment must be paid IN FULL by 9am on August 17th, 2020

Pet Registration Form

Bringing a Pet to the Daumier? Make sure to fill out this form to avoid unauthorized pet charges!

This form must be filled out BEFORE bringing a pet to the Daumier

*Vaccination records and certification are required. 

Resident Information Sheet

**Mandatory Form** Make sure to fill out this form to update your contact info, emergency contacts and vehicle information.

A new form must be submitted every year

Move Out Notice Request
* For current Daumier residents who wish to move out before the end of their agreement date*

We're so sorry to see you go! Before you do, make sure you ask us about any leasing options or policies that may apply to you and meet your needs. We offer a variety of options that may be helpful to you.

Once you know when you will be moving out, the next thing we'll need from you is a completed Move Out Notice Request This form is due 60 days before your intended move out date. 

This form does not guarantee an approved move out. 

Agreement Termination Request 
* For students who have not yet moved into the Daumier but have signed an agreement*

Form submitted 45 days before start of the agreement (before June 17): $250 cancel fee

Form submitted less than 45 days ( June 17 and after): $500

 * This form does not guarantee an approved termination of the agreement.

* RENEWAL*Agreement Termination Request 
* For students who currently live at The Daumier and would like to cancel their signed renewal agreement*

Form submitted 45 days before start of the agreement (before June 5): $250 cancel fee

Form submitted Less than 45 days (June 5 and after): $500

 * This form does not guarantee an approved termination of agreement.

* For students who want to release agreement information to their parents*

It is the responsibility of the Daumier to protect the student’s right to privacy while being in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ( FERPA).


If a Daumier Resident wishes to grant permission to release information from your Daumier Lease Records, please complete and return the FERA Form to the Daumier.


Please note that this consent form only allows release of information regarding the Daumier Student Housing Lease Records. It does NOT allow for release of information regarding Western University of Health Sciences Academic Records.

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